Company Overview

Fire-Stop Systems (FSS) has been engaged in the development, testing, manufacturing and installation of its own brand of UL and ULC approved firestop and cable coating material for more than 30 years.
FSS has completed over 400 major industrial projects in the US alone and has garnered a reputation second to none. Its clientele in the US and, in some cases, the world, represent the top manufacturers in their respective industry. Since its introduction into the South American mining market, FSS has acquired the firestopping and/or cable coating contracts for the largest and most desirable mining projects on the continent. With the addition of the Rio de Janeiro’s office, FSS has significantly aided in the development of the Brazilian fire stop market via the insurance and engineering sectors and enjoys the very best of Brazil's heavy industrial producers among its repeat clientele.

FSS has long standing operations through strong representation in Canada and Costa Rica and has acquired a reputation for attracting large scale industrial projects (including the entire Hydroelectric Power System of Costa Rica and the largest Nuclear Power Plants of Canada).

Quality and client satisfaction have been taken to the extreme with FSS. From the initial site visit and quotation (free of cost - anywhere in the world) -to- product installation and invoicing, every project (regardless of size) is approached with a systematic level of professionalism and expertise. To this end, FSS has maintained a 30 year record of 100% client satisfaction - the longest and most prestigious among its peers.

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