Fire Barrier - WallSmart Fire

WallSmart Fire is a modular panel system prefabricated, made out of fireproof coating and steel. It is light weight requires reduce complexity and size foundations in comparison to poured concrete or concrete block methods. This can result in significant cost and time saving.


  • Transformer protection
  • Electrical equipment protection
  • Fire walls
  • Explosion protection
  • Portable barriers
  • Acoustical barriers
  • People and equipment protection


  • Fast and easy installation
  • Up to 6 hours of fire rating
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Economical, effective, reliable and long lasting
  • Vibration, seismic, impact, wind, smoke, dust, water, UV radiation, and explosion resistance
  • Reduces noise, suitable as acoustic barrier
  • Easy to transport
  • Neat, attractive, and paintable finish


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